Today in the institutional sense of Hatay province along with the founding principles of quality and after-sales service has taken place at the beginning of happy working understanding of leading brands. Since the beginning of 2010 with significant investments we have made in the daily rental business with our new  structuring and with the support of our customers.

   Hatay province serving as car rental supplier of the leading tour operators in Turkey. Besides, we work as partners again Hatay airport locations of leading corporations in Turkey. The credibility of our brand as individual leases, our competitive price policy, we create a difference in the sector with new vehicles in different segments.

Daily rental customers to live a professional experience should pay attention to what?


Our clients are usually either vacation or business purpose to make daily car rental. In both cases the limited travel times and use the tool to reach a place somewhere. The institutionalization of the firm that rented In this case, innovation and variety of tools must give utmost importance to the width of the service network.

Will be held daily car rental company should be taken into consideration when selecting what?

Daily rental customers who rent a car companies in the corporate structure, the vehicles must pay attention to the insurance and contractual terms. Definitely pick their damaged vehicles or vehicles that existed before receipt of contract damages are required to Avoid notes. Shares etc. We would like to indicate that such procedures should certainly do disagree.

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