Before departure;

1. Make sure you meet some basic rules when placing your belongings in your car: Too much weight overloads the fill tool for your car, your driving style may be adversely affected. A station wagon vehicle, to prevent the ejection of goods in the event of sudden braking fileyl through a separate vehicle rear trunk. The rear deck is full, use a roof rack or trailer.

2. Along the way, keep a safe distance. Also, you may notice when you want to move your eyes to be on the front of the flowing traffic behind you.

3. items you may need during your trip, you can access, the easiest place to take your dark.

4. Be prepared for the possibility of tire explosion in your holidays. You do not have to take the road which can run flat tires, which is the best option for your car (spare wheel or tire inflation kit) check and keep the phone number of roadside assistance services with you.

5. There are different speed limits in different countries and has its own unwritten rules of some countries are also available. For example; France, Germany and Switzerland, speed cameras are not permitted to rely reminder signs for, it is necessary to keep the lights on during the day in many European countries and is forbidden to use winter tires summer in Italy.

6. Always thoroughly relax before departure. If we can put you way early, leave your home before the heavy traffic hours. This way you can avoid traffic jams and dense and the direct rays of the sun.

On the road:

It 7.arac affect the maneuverability of the goods being loaded completely and takes time to get used to. In addition, all family and many suitcase when you travel, your attention will be distributing more thing, your vision will decrease and you will have a longer stopping distance. Keep these things in mind.

8. If the blinds are readily found in the windshield of your car, plan your trip to coincide with the hours of the day when cooler.

9. traveling with family, especially if the children sitting in the back seat, be sure to keep an eye on the road. A car 100km / h going on the road is about 30 meters per second. Look after your children go back to three seconds can cause serious consequences.

10. Pets should never be allowed to navigate freely in the car! Make sure the seat belt or in a well ventilated cages security.

11. vehicle, passengers and even if fully loaded with luggage, tire pressure will also increase. Summer heat increases the air pressure in the tires. Your tires prior to the trip "cold" tire pressure should be checked and pressure levels should be set taking into account the weight of the loaded vehicle.


To comply with driving recommendations are extremely important to you and other passengers' health and safety. Any unexpected situation you arayabilceg 24-hour phone No. 05,327,377,886, please contact us. Hatay airport rent a car.

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