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Bookings made from your website earns how effective?

Reservations made through our website does not take effect without pre-payment or full payment.

Availability does it reflect the fact that the vehicle is located on the site?

Our site is not available for the dates you selected is not available in one of the vehicles, which the phrase means. If the vehicle is available you can make a reservation immediately hired by.

Until when can I cancel my car rental booking made?

Reservation can be canceled up to 48 hours before the start. Otherwise, be collected one day car rental fee will be refunded the remaining costs.

Can I change the date or time I make a car rental reservation?

Booking is enough to contact our call center to make changes up to 48 hours before the start.

Can I change if I was not satisfied with the car I rented car?

If you are not satisfied with the tools to change based on availability in the same class.

What is the age limit and qualifications?

At least 21 years of age and at least 2 years license condition set by the vehicle and the model is required. Please refer to the pages on our Rent a Car Guide for details.

 I do not have a credit card, I can book car?

Tool to comply with the rules of the person's age and license to use, as well as its own assets and surely must have a credit card with a balance necessary for authorization.

 Does the price include taxes?

Page of the KDV and deductible insurance is included in the price offered. Gasoline, baby seat, lcf (rubber-glass-beam) insurance, full insurance etc. extras are not included in the price.

 What should I do in case of an accident?

In case of accident must be reported in accordance with the absolute priority attached to the current traffic rules. At the same time, the renter should also be given to the company officials must act according to the routing information and be themselves.

 Does insurance cover the costs in case of an accident?

According to a report from the traffic to determine the insurance company is considered valid, but there is no error if the visitors use the tool to meet these costs and insurance will be sent a new vehicle. If you are using someone else by means other than the name on the contract, even if the error is not engaged in party insurance. The Hirer will be purchased fully comprehensive insurance replacement vehicle at no cost. The acquisition has been fully comprehensive insurance deductible is charged.

 I have my vehicle rental period exceeds a few hours. Do I have to pay more for a full day?

An option in the lease exceeds days after payment is received tanınmaktadır.2 hours 2 hours a day.

 Is there a specific mileage limit?

About 300 kilometers daily use in vehicles per km 0,35TL fee will be charged for your usage exceeding vardır.300 miles.

Does your company have offices in Hatay airport?

Our company does not have any office in Hatay airport locations. But our car without any additional charges, delays are taken back without experiencing dispatched Hatay airport.

 Can I go abroad I rent a car?

You can only use the rented vehicle in the country. Output abroad is not possible.

 I could not find the answer to my questions. What should I do?

If you transmit your questions about car rental +905327377886 to the call center or our email address: No. Our sales representatives will inform you .Ayn is also our main page also located Rent A Car Book our department can get more detailed information.

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