13 with a history of thousands of years of civilization in the territory embracing Hatay since the first centuries has always been an important city. Each incoming order not to get lost in Hatay has left traces of civilization. Therefore, a multi-tiered social structure and urban fabric has. Mosques, churches and synagogues are intertwined. I therefore Christians, Muslims and Jews have side are neighbors. Re-shaped by every culture, Hatay, is rising as the common heritage of humanity today. 

Christianity is the first cave church of St. Pierre Church, was built here in AD 29-40. Orthodox Church of Antioch, the capital mosque and a synagogue wall is almost together. Athan bell, the bell was mixed until ready. The first mosque built in Anatolia in Independence Avenue Habib-i-Najjar Mosque, one of these structures was uplifting to be the temple of tolerance. This mosque, 633 years after Christ, the Prophet. The first believers in Jesus were made on behalf of Habib-i Najjar. Najjar Mosque next to the tomb, which is also the disciples of Jesus, John, Paul and SEM Safa has grave. These places of pilgrimage for both Muslims and Christians as places also accepted. Samandağı way to St. Simon Monastery, on the way to Kırıkhan'da Reyhanlı of Hazrat Bayazid Bastami Tomb are some of the magnificent structures that can be seen. War in the region, especially Samandağ and shrines are Alevi. 

Civilizations in Hatay, Turkey is bringing together in the territory, Arabs, Muslims, Orthodox Jews, flame intertwined lives. Turkey's last Armenian village Vakıflı Samandağı 15 minutes away. Downloaded to Çevlik Vakıflı ministers, who all coastal locations across the top of the Temple of Zeus, is dedicated to the Door. 

Antioch is one of the oldest settlements in the world, all religions, cultures together in peace is a city that hosts. Until today has hosted many civilizations in .B great cultural mosaic so far has proven itself as a city of peace and tranquility.

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